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The Creative Business Academy

The Creative Business Academy helps artists and makers learn how to strategically build and grow a creative online business that helps them stand out and sell their creative work, skills, and knowledge online.

Intentional Private Practice

Intentional Private Practice is a site created for Dr. Amy Phillips. She has been in private practice for 20+ years and now teaches other psychologists, counselors, and therapists how to do the same.

Learn About Litho

Learn Lithography is dedicated to exploring the topic of stone lithography, a centuries-old printing technique that few know about today.



I partner with design, branding, and marketing agencies to take build-ready designs and develop them in Webflow for their clients.

I'm Lauren, a meticulous Webflow developer based out of Denver, CO.

I love finding simple solutions to complex problems, and my happy place is translating build-ready designs into fully developed, SEO-friendly websites using Webflow and other no-code tools.

Eight years of experience carefully crafting sites + landing pages and iterating them to success has provided me with extensive knowledge about how to use storytelling, visuals, psychology, and great UX/UI to create engaging visitor experiences that promote action.

I'm a naturally driven and extremely resourceful individual with a deep passion for collaboration, problem-solving, and harnessing the online space to make the world a better place.

Random facts about me: I like to read, write, bike, hike, perform my signature dance moves, and chill with my partner and our cat, Dan.

Lauren Alexander, webflow developer
Lauren Alexander
Webflow Developer



What is your process?

1. Share your designs
I’ll review your designs in detail and provide you with a fixed-price-breakdown for each page and a timeline for the project.

2. Begin development
If you’re happy with the price, I’ll start the work right away, by building each page across desktop, tablet, and mobile. I'll give you periodic updates as I work on the project.

3. Provide feedback
Once I’m 90% of the way done with the project, I’ll share a link for you to review the website with your client and provide feedback.

4. Launch new website
Once the website has been put through final testing, I’ll hand it over to your agency so you can transfer the site to your client and take it live.

How long will it take to build my website?

Work is done efficiently so you'll be able to expect a reasonable turnaround. The scope of the work required, what type of partnership we have, and how collaborative the work needs to be will affect how long it may take to complete. Most website builds take 1-4 weeks to complete. Some websites may take longer depending on the size of the website and the responsiveness of clients.

How do you like to communicate & manage projects?

For work that requires lots of back-and-forth, I prefer to connect with you or your team on Slack. Email is also acceptable if less communication is required. You may receive short Loom recordings from me to view at your convenience and we may also share some documentation and files via Google Drive. Meetings and calls are kept to a minimum, but sometimes they are required.

What do you charge?

I charge in two ways.

Per project: This is for a fixed and fully-defined scope of work. Full website designs and builds fall under this category. I cannot give a specific quote until we discuss the details of the project.

Per month: If you're interested in a monthly partnership (retainer) I would be happy to send you the details. Existing websites that are generally in good shape but need to be maintained are candidates for monthly partnerships.

Why should I choose you to help my agency?

I've been building for the web for 8+ years. When you work with me, you can rest assured that I will build your Figma, website design pixel-perfect on Webflow.  

I handle every project that comes my way as if I am building it for myself or my own client. In other words, I take complete ownership and accountability for the work I produce.

The agencies I've worked with love that I'm organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and a proactive communicator.

Do my designs need to be in Figma, Adobe or Sketch?

No, I also accept other forms of designs including video files and images.

Do I need to provide you with mobile and tablet designs?

No, I'm able to design for mobile and tablet based off your desktop design. However, if you wish to provide your own designs for mobile and tablet then that's fine too.

Do you also do design and copywriting?

‍I generally require that you have your own design and copywriting capabilities, whether those come from people on your full time team or additional freelancers. I can design website page layouts that align with the rest of your website/brand, but I do not create any graphics or other visual assets. I am also not a copywriter and likely not a subject-matter expert for your company, products, or industry so I am not able to write any text for your site. I do keep an eye out for any spelling or grammar errors and can advise on website best-practices

Do you only develop for Webflow?

At this time, Webflow is the only platform I offer development services for.

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